Expert Workshop on Reparations

From 6 to 10 October 2019, the Commission for Investigation & Gathering Evidence (CIGE) organized an Expert Workshop on Reparations and Conducting Consultations within the GIZ/CPS-supported project “Consultations for Reparations: Enhancing Victims Participation Towards the Development of a Comprehensive Reparation Policy”. CIGE’s team of lawyers, psychologists and social workers who are leading the project attended the workshop, which was facilitated by a victimologist and international expert on transitional justice. The workshop addressed the topics of reparations as a principle of international law and methodologies for conducting consultations with survivors of international crimes based on international standards and best practices from case studies around the globe. The expert workshop took place at CIGE’s premises, and saw the development of a context-sensitive and survivor-centered approach which will serve as the guiding framework of the new project. The project in question will focus on conducting consultations with women survivors of ISIS crimes in IDP camps around Duhok governorate to collect their feedback and the needs they wish to be addressed by a comprehensive reparation policy.
The project is taking place against the backdrop of the draft law on reparations for Yezidi survivors, also known as the President’s Law, which is currently being review at federal Parliament level.