Consultations for Reparations Initiative - Laying the Groundwork

CIGE’s Outreach Team has been conducting field visits in IDP camps around Duhok Governorate to lay the groundwork for a new GIZ-supported project on consultations on reparation policies with families of victims and survivors of ISIS crimes.
On 29 August 2019, the CIGE Team, composed of specialists in the field of law, psychology and sociology, visited Essian Camp in Sheikhan district to provide an overview of the proposed initiative to the camps residents. The project will focus on organizing consultations with women survivors of ISIS crimes to discuss current legislative proposals on possible reparation schemes for survivors being discussed at Parliamentary level, collect their feedback on the matter and the needs they wish to be addressed by a comprehensive reparation policy more broadly.
These preparatory sessions are being undertaken in 14 IDP Camps within Duhok Governorate, wherein the project is expected to take place.