Visit of Mr William Spence Spencer, Director of the Institute for International Law and Human Rights, to CIGE

On 12 November 2019, CIGE welcomed at its premises Mr William Spence Spencer, the Executive Director of the Institute for International Law and Human Rights (IILHR). IILHR is a NGO registered in Washington, D.C., Baghdad, Iraq and Brussels, Belgium. It has been working in Iraq since July 2005, collaborating with leaders to strengthen approaches to human rights issues by developing draft legislation, working to enact said legislation and helping local partners in and out of government to develop the capacity to advocate for change as well as to assess, develop and draft legislation. During the visit, Judge Ayman Mustafa, head of CIGE, presented the work of the Commission in documenting and investigating ISIS crimes, and in collecting needs of families of missing persons and survivors. The visit was followed by a fruitful discussion on the current state of various legislation addressing the rights of families of victims and survivors, and ways to joins efforts to address shortcomings and key legislative priorities in the future.