Consultations for Reparations Initiative

The Outreach Team of CIGE has started a project on consultations that seeks to collect the needs and feedback of women survivors of ISIS crimes on a reparation policy aimed at addressing the harm they have suffered. The project, entitled as "Consultations for Reparations: Enhancing Victims Participation towards the Development of a Comprehensive Reparation Policy" is implemented with the technical support of GIZ’s Civil Peace Program, and will see consultations taking place across 14 IDP camps. 

Civil society and representatives from the Iraqi parliament have also been invited to participate as observers to the consultations and to provide feedback, in order to feed a more inclusive and comprehensive process. The consultations will be organized as focus group discussions, and will seek to aim to gain a better understand of the concept of justice and effective redress that women survivors may hold. The findings of the consultations will be used to formulate a final report, which will presented to policy makers in the hope to be able to inform a comprehensive drafting of a reparation policy for victims of ISIS crimes that has the voices and needs of survivors at its core.

The picture shows the outreach team presenting the initiative in preparation of the project. The consultations are being undertaken only by the women specialists of CIGE’s Outreach Team in order to create a safe space for the discussions with the survivors.