KRG hands over thousands of documents to Baghdad on missing Yezidis

As per framework agreement between Erbil and Baghdad, the former represented by CIGE has handed over thousands of documents, blood samples and other evidence to the Baghdad Medico-Legal Department (MLD) that will primarily focus on the identification of Yezidis who went missing by Da’esh.

CIGE has submitted its archives of collected blood samples and information about the missing persons also known as (Ante-mortem Data) to MLD. They will enter the information into a centralised database and take DNA profile reports. This stage is the first stage in the process of identifying missing persons. The second stage will begin with the excavation of the mass graves and exhumation of the remains [of the victims] as well as taking DNA profiles from the remains.

The Iraqi federal and Kurdistan regional governments agreed in late January to submit all information and blood samples to Baghdad which will create a central database for all evidence and compare them with ones found on the ground during inspecting the remains of victims.