Participating in capacity building training course

A training session about (scientific methods in the investigation of mass graves) completed for the period from 01/11/2016 to 30/11/2016 by the (CIMP) (ICMP)International Commission on Missing Persons in the city of Dohuk in, the training course implemented in coordination with the High Committee for the Recognition of genocide Crimes, participation was the cadres of the Commission for Investigation and Collection of Evidence in Dohuk in addition to the cadres of the forensic medicine department in Dohuk and cadres of the directorates of the Ministry of martyrs and Anfals' persons in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and a number of participants from other central and southern Iraqi provinces.

The training course aimed to qualified the human resource for building their capacity in regard of missing issues and how to collect and examine the evidence to identify the missing persons by following the internationally recognized scientific bases.