Envoys of foreign countries in the Kurdistan Region affirm their solidarity support for file genocide Kurdish Yezidis.

on August 1st 2016 Monday the Department of Foreign Affairs in the Kurdistan Regional Government hosted the high committee for recognition of genocide crimes committed against the Kurds Yazidi and other ethnic and religious components. The meeting was chaired by Mahmoud Haji Saleh, Minister of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs of the Kurdistan Regional Government and Chairman of the Higher Committee, and the membership of Falah Mustafa, head of external relations and Amanj Raheem the Cabinet Secretary, Hussein Qasim Hason the adviser to President of the Region Government, Kirmanj Othman the Advisor to Independent Commission for Human Rights, and in the presence of Sven Dzia the official spokesman of the Regional Government, Dhya Pitrus the Chairman of the Independent Commission for Human Rights, Pakhshan Zangana the Chairperson of the High Council for Women's Affairs. The aim of this meeting to inform the diplomatic missions of foreign states and United Nations missions in the Region to inform them closely about the high Committee Activities.

At the outset of the meeting, and after welcoming the attendees, Mr. Falah Mustafa, the foreign relations officer congratulated consuls of foreign countries and diplomats who have begun their tasks recently in the region wishing them success in their tasks and activities. Then started explain the objectives of the meeting which will be held in order to deliver the message genocide file and assistance in dealing with victims and getting the best access to international support on a global level.

then an overview is briefed of the current situation in the Kurdistan Region in particular, the future campaign to liberate the city of Mosul which a huge new waves of displaced people is expected to flee to the Kurdistan Region because of this process, since the provision and delivery of services and the main needs them is bigger than the possibilities capabilities of the Kurdistan Regional Government as this responsibility lies with the international community as well in taking the initiative to prevent any humanitarian unexpected tragic events.

Then Mr. Haji Mahmoud Saleh, the Minister of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs in the Kurdistan Region and Chairman of the Higher Committee clarified the work obstacles that face the Commission in the recognition of these crimes occurred in Sinjar areas to the International court as a genocide Because Iraq is not a member of the International Tribunal therefor he invited representatives of foreign countries to help the Kurdistan Regional Government In definition the mentioned case in the parliaments of their countries and to find a mechanism to work with  International Court on this issue.