Genocide Yazidis session in Erbil

The Yazidis Organization for Documentation and in coordination with coordination with the Independent High Commission for Human Rights in Kurdistan organized a discussion panel on the updated developments of the Kurds Yazidis file with the participation of members of the Committee for the internationalization of crimes against Yazidis and specialists in the field of the International Tribunal and representatives of the relevant ministries of the Kurdistan Regional Government. the meeting was held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry hall in Erbil today Sunday showing three main axes (topics): The first is the subject under the title "What is happening at the international level regarding Yazidi genocide and the international dimension of the internationalization of the case. Mr. Kirmanj Othman the Legal Counsel to the chairman of the Independent Commission for Human Rights in Kurdistan, highlighted the ongoing attempt to bring the file into international community, especially to the International Criminal Court.

The second topic, was presented by judge Rahim Al-eqely who clarify the legal dimension of the future report of the investigation Committee of abuses in Syria.