The efforts to know identification the victims and missing

The efforts for identification the missing victims and the methods to know their fate, as part of human rights granting the right of knowing the fate of their dears missing family members helps to have psychological comfort of these families, in the other side determining the identities of the missing and knowing their fate as the is part of achieving justice to prevent these crimes repeat in the future by knowing the identities of the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

The commission for investigation and gathering evidence has taken significant efforts to contact people whom have missing persons in the Sinjar area and Nineveh Plain and collect all the information that leads to find their fate, even for victims that their remains had been collected from the sites of mass graves, the commission in a continuous and sustained effort to gather information about them to determine their identities. During the two years’ work of the commission has contacted a large number of families of missing persons who provide photographs and personal information about their missing which saved in special forms in central database. the commission by following the investigation and evidence collection, communication, approaching medical and criminal related offices in the region and international organizations struggling to determine the identities of remains and to know the fate of missing persons.

You can help to bring hope to the hearts of those families who lost their dears family members by giving information on the fate of missing persons or even information on the latest watch for any missing or his whereabouts before lose contact with him.