Supporting the commission in the documentation and information gathering


The commission needs to the efforts of individuals who are victims and witnesses, activists in the field of human rights, lawyers, civil society organizations and government and official institutions in order to reach the victims and locations of graves, whether collective or individual regarding the violations that occurred in the Sinjar area and Nineveh Plain. There is no doubt, this cooperation will be of utmost greatest importance in order to facilitate the task of the Commission in reaching victims and take the necessary measures to investigate.

Cooperate with the commission can be done in several ways; it can be by contact and visiting the headquarters of the Commission in personally, or contact by telephone or by e-mail, cooperation can also be with the Commission in the collection of evidence by visiting the official website of the commission and fill the application form of provide the Commission with information and evidence for the claimed crimes it can also support the commission by uploading photos and videos by clicking here.