CIGE’s Departments

The Commission for the Investigation & Gathering of Evidence is structured upon the following divisions and subdivisions:
  • Investigative Judge’s Office
  • General Prosecutor’s Office
  • Investigators’ Office
  • Missing Persons Unit
  • Victims Support Unit
  • Database Unit
  • GIS Unit
  • Administration Department
  • Department of Public Information 
Investigative Judge’s Office

The Investigative Judge leads the Commission, and oversees the proceedings, investigative procedures, and evidence collection. The Investigative Judge can also refer victims and families of victims towards specialized insitutions to facilitate the issuing of civil documentation and offer them further specialized psychosocial and medical support. Judicial and Police Investigators, as well as other professionals in the field of psychology and sociology working in different units, are under his supervision.


General Prosecutor’s Office
The General Prosecutor’s Officer has access to all the procedures of investigation and collection of evidence of CIGE and monitors its compliance with the relevant laws, standards and protocols.


Investigators’ Office

CIGE avails itself of a team of expert investigators in the fields of police and judicial investigators. The team, composed of women and men, conduct the interviews with victims and witnesses and accompany them throughout the investigative process. The investigators have been trained in conducting investigations of international crimes following international standards and protocols.

Missing Persons Unit
This unit is dedicated to missing persons affairs and to supporting identification efforts. The specialists working within this unit are tasked with collecting information regarding the missing persons from family members, including ante-mortem information and last-seen location. The unit is also composed of experts in the medical and scientific field who collect blood samples from family members of missing persons to support with identification efforts.


Victims Support Unit

This section consists of a number of specialists in sociology and psychosocial support, and it is chaired by an expert in the field of victim support. The Victims Support Unit (VSU) conducts a first psychosocial support and assessment for victims and families of victims that come to CIGE to provide information, many of whom suffer from trauma and other psychological conditions due to the experiences they underwent. Following the assessment, the VSU also makes referral to specialized institutions for further psychosocial  and medical support, when needed. Within the Unit, there is also the Outreach team, which has conducted legal awareness and psychosocial support sessions in the IDP camps to families of victims and survivors as part of different initiatives.

Database Unit

This unit is composed of staff that is tasked with data input and data analysis. The information contained in each case file of investigation is tranferred in its digital form into a secured database, which is continuously updated with every new information and evidence gathered. Some of the staff in the unit also conducts a first preliminary analysis of the information gathered through the investigations, allowing for the data to be structured, creating taxonomies and tracing patterns as it is stored within the database.


Geographical Information System (GIS) Unit

The GIS team of CIGE translates the data and information contained in the case files, collected through the testimonies, satellite imagery and overall investigation work, into thematic geospatial information for the purpose of crime-mapping and context analysis, tracing the trends and patterns resulting from the violations. The GIS team has conducted various types of analysis in this regard, producing maps that trace, inter alia, alleged crime sites, formal and informal ISIS detention sites and destroyed heritage sites.

Administration Department
This Department deals with all matters related to the administrative, financial, logistical, and human resources aspects of CIGE.


Public Information Unit
This unit oversees and manages the official website of the Commission and supports the dissemination of information as part of CIGE’s outreach efforts.