Our work place

Our work place

The Commission for Investigation and Gathering Evidence in genocide related issues is a Governmental body under the High Committee of the Recognition of Genocide Crimes of the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It is a Non-Profit Organization specializing in the field of transitional justice. The Commission is seeking to help the people of the Kurdish areas outside the region, which are undergoing transition due to the war; and addressing the right of its population, whom suffered serious of human rights violations.  This process of investigation and evidence collection will allow a conclusion of events; show the truth; hold those responsible accountable, and compensate victims for abuses during the conflict.

Map below clarify places in which it operates:

The work method in the field of investigation and evidence collection determines our workplace; by following the below procedures:


The investigation and evidence collection process will take place at the headquarters of the Commission on Investigation Offices, the Office of the investigating Judge, and the Prosecutor’s office located within the facilities of the CICE. Investigations will be conducted in the Headquarters, where the victims will be interviewed. The investigation will commence with a complaint to the investigating judge, who will initiate an investigation and gather evidence about the crime.

Investigators will do field visits as well, in order to take the necessary investigative measures for the detection and collection of evidence. They will make contact with the victims on site at the place of their residence or where the crime occurred. Investigators will visit as many places of the crime scene that evidence allows; for example, visiting individual graves or mass graves of the victims that were  executed, or by going to the sites (place of the accident) of the religious, social, cultural and historical heritage of the components of the population of Sinjar region and the Nineveh Plain.

Iinvestigators will also gather evidence through investigation on-site offices,  positioned temporarily in the camps in the province of Dohuk and Sinjar area, where victims and their families talk to investigators who will help them fill in complaint forms and requests for compensation. Then all gathered information is entered into the central database to ensure finding the victims later and completing the investigation process.